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Luxin Group 2015 annual summary meeting held smoothly

  December 19, 2015, Lu Xin Group 2015 annual summary meeting was held in Yingtan, Jiangxi branch. Group members have Dongguan Xin Road Delegation, Jiangsu-Motion delegations and representatives of the employees and the new management Yingtan road were more than 60 participants. Group Chairman Mr. Wu Guoping, general manager of Mr. Road, Yingtan Army of Mao, associate general manager of Jiangsu Tong Mr. Wang Xuelong, deputy general manager of Xin road Dongguan Mr. Zhu Junbo attended the meeting.

  The meeting first heard the work report of each company's 2015 fiscal year, the chairman of Mr. Guo-Ping Wu made a concluding statement for the company's reports and work plans in 2016. Chairman pointed out that, to make the company's strategic plan to accelerate the team personnel training, establish a sound corporate governance mechanism. Company leadership must be good at learning, good at summing up, improve good, especially the staff to enhance the overall quality of staff is the backbone of the key, to establish a common concept of enterprise development, to establish a high-quality workforce.

  Intense but orderly atmosphere throughout the meeting, through this meeting, to enhance each company, understanding of various departments, more harmonious relationship among the members for the future to better carry out all kinds of work to lay the foundation.

  2016, standing on a new starting point, we believe that the challenges and opportunities, difficulties and in the same way, as long as we strengthen confidence, team work, tireless pay, will be able to successfully complete the task, we Luxin better tomorrow!