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Celebrate Suzhou-Motion celebrate the seventh anniversary of writing activities successfully held

In order to express the voice of employees, to show employees are positive and optimistic, not afraid of difficulties and forge ahead in unity of spirit, and create a company culture, employees demonstrate characteristic charm, road Xin Technology Suzhou-Motion in September 2015 held a "quasi-corporation through seven anniversary "as the theme of writing activities. Events received positive response and participation of all staff, from between the lines we see the essay content through quasi-human passion, drive and delicate emotions. Activities organized essay, let us all appreciate: heart closer, clearer objectives, the work is more motivated ......

      Essay for organizing activities, especially through the quasi-corporations are summarized and awards ceremony. First published by Mr. Tong Associate Deputy Chief Wang Xuelong anniversary speech. His speech stressed that "the fine processing Collectibles deliver better customer satisfaction," is the fundamental survival and development through registration, to professional and diversified products to meet customer demand. To pass as a quasi-human "spirit and quality" never stops passed along.


Writing activities were set up one, two, three, four, and a total of 21 awards were exquisite gift packages and cash prizes.

   Fourth prize winners photo (Fu Liz, Jiayi Long, Li Lei, Li now Lin, Li Yin Pei, Liuqing Bo, Liu Shui incense, pottery Shuangshuang, Wang Chong, Yong Hailin, Yu sword, Zhanglan Lan, Zhao Yane, Zheng each victory, Zhou Chao; Presenters: Ping Renfu Guang-Jun Li)


  Fourth prize award on behalf of speech Share: Production Stamping group --- Lee Pui Yin


He said, "I see myself gradually changing, say things become more confident. Consideration problem becomes more mature, the charge anytime, anywhere, to master the necessary technical knowledge, his work gradually handy, into a kinds of enjoyment of life. "

   Third prize winners photo (Quality Assurance Department: Liang Yali, Department of Management: Ren Yuhua, Chen Huakun; Presenters: Yu sword)


  Third prize award on behalf of speech Share: Department of goods OQC --- Liang Yali

  She said, "told myself to refuel, do not live up to such a fate and expectations everywhere you want to learn to coworkers; conscientiously listened training every basic knowledge, to master the basic skills and knowledge to improve the level; intentions comprehend company leadership speech, carefully understand content deep meaning; actively participate in company activities; of course, the most important thing is to do our own work, patience and meticulous, hard on yourself, the company is responsible. "


  Second prize winners photo (Management: He Yaru, Production: Guang-Jun Li; Presenters: Chen dry Choi)


  Second prize award on behalf of speech Share: Business Management Department Assistant --- He Yaru

  She said, "For most employees, are unknown ordinary people, in their heart of hearts, he is very ordinary, very ordinary, not particularly worthy of showing off the results. When all the general staff of the sense of responsibility to gather together time, it brings together the whole enterprise has become a driving force for development. "


  Prize winners pictures (Production: dry Chan Choi; Presenters: Wu Guoping, chairman)


  He said, "This year is the seventh anniversary of the establishment of the company through the registration, I have witnessed the development of the company seven years. I learned how to deal with seven years of work, how to deal with difficulties, how to solve problems, how to properly behave. I'm seven years from a technical apprentice into a management backbone for the company's development advice today, do their modest means is my greatest honor, but also reflects their value. the second is through quasi sail point in my life, I the company is willing to move forward together. "

  Awards ceremony last road Xin Technology Chairman Mr. Wu Guoping speech. Wu Guoping, chairman, said "From the plant opened in 2008 to an annual increase of equipment, to the 14 years moved to the new plant (expansion plant area), to date, through prospective (people) little bit of effort and strong, I see in the eyes where, in mind ...... very grateful to each and every employee all the way here and I walk side by side. I firmly believe that under the joint efforts of all staff, the company will become the region through quasi-hardware industry a glowing pearl!


  Reviewing the past, hard work, good governance, the dream years emerged ......

  Look at the present, work hard, pragmatic innovation, and the future prospects brilliant ......

  Storm seven years, seven years harvest! How many people, how many things linger in mind. The company's growth, the company's development, each one the size of things happen in the company, the company achieved every success, are inseparable from the past and the serving staff's efforts and dedication, which will always be remembered in the pass history quasi- company development. Our common wish: "Through accurate, tomorrow will be better road Xin tomorrow will be better!!"

                                                                                                                          Contributed by: Through Motion / Administrative Specialist: Chen Huakun