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Celebrate way to participate in MEDTEC 2015 China Xin Technology Exhibition

  Eleventh International Medical Equipment Design & Technology Exhibition (MEDTEC China Exhibition 2015) 22-24 September 2015, held in Shanghai World Expo Exhibition. This year the exhibition scale than the previous amplification of 30%, from 25 countries and regions, nearly 300 companies exhibit, this exhibition for the Chinese medical design and manufacturing industry to provide a purchase from R & D, raw materials and components, as well as processing technology solutions industry and trade exchange platform.

   Road Xin Technology led by Chairman Mr. Wu Guoping, Dongguan and Suzhou Road, Xin Tong quasi-business personnel to participate in this exhibition. Show produced by road Xin and display pegs endoscope mouth run, dental rail, dental implants and other medical equipment parts tooth nail, and attracted the attention of industry professionals and attention.

   Road Xin Technology will adhere to the "science and technology Humanities, harmonious sharing" business philosophy, the "century-old, from continuing operations, as MADE IN CHINA proud," the business goals.