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2015 Dongguan Xin Road, job skills contest

    In order to motivate employees dedication, more in-depth understanding of the strengths and potential employees, and create a learning atmosphere, August 18, Dongguan Xin Road, job skills contest first session came to a successful close. Job skills competition to take the written and practical operation of a combination of the way, the game will be intense but orderly, participants were prepared, race out of their own style and level. To encourage contestants to practice skills, than the technology, the first class of passion and enthusiasm, the company's employees for excellence given material rewards and honorary certificates.





     The success of the job skills competition will be held, we found the problem, identify the shortcomings, summed up the experience and lessons for the organization of the second job skills contest laid the foundation for the next step to identify the employees professional skills training direction, so that employees have more space to display themselves, challenge themselves, skill games enhanced their understanding and comprehensive use of expertise, providing high-quality products and acquired a solid basic skills for the road Xin Technology.