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2015 Dongguan Xin Road, Guangzhou Changlong two-day tour

To promote corporate culture and enhance their cohesion, so as to further stimulate the enthusiasm, initiative and enthusiasm of the staff work, increase their sense of belonging, so that employees have been fully physical and mental rest and relaxation. July 19-20, Dongguan Xin Road Company organized nearly 80 employees to the world-renowned summer long long water park to carry out tourism activities. Along the way, we enthusiasm, mutual interest, the road is full of song and laughter, warmth and harmony. Apart from the fun to play, deeply felt the warmth of the company.     

    Into the park, people water theme amusement big party stunning bloom, peak water rides, cool water wonderful performing arts, tilt the whole city from splashing wave. Childlike innocence, joy continued, together spent an unforgettable and wonderful time.

      The next morning, the doctor came to Forest Park, north-south bike tour along the mountain stream, trees, mountain view, panoramic view of the mountain doctor.

       Afternoon, came to the Nansha Tin Hau Temple, known as "the world the first days after the Palace" is the largest Matsu temples in Southeast Asia. Lingdingyang close to the Pearl River estuary, located in the Bighorn south of Shandong, yard, its buildings stacked on the mountain, glorious temples, pavilions and majestic. Stone statue days, up to 14.5 meters by 365 granite stone into the middle of the square stands the temple. A symbol of Tin Hau 365 days of the year are blessed with good weather, peace and prosperity. The whole temple four weeks trees and lots of cigarette curl the house, outside the meantime Dunsheng otherworldly feel.

      Through this activity, not only to relieve the employees usually work pressure and tension, but also cultivate a sentiment, full of our employees a good mental outlook, allowing employees to be more enthusiasm into future work. I believe everyone will be more abundant energy, more enthusiasm into work, to contribute their efforts for the road Xin, to build this family, because we are one family!


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