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Peregrine Road, Xin Technology Electronics here to expand annual production work


Road Xin science and technology is the United States BEL stable qualified suppliers. Each year, PAX will be electronic qualified suppliers trial plant work. July 21, 2015, Peregrine Road, Xin Technology Electronics party come to Dongguan, a routine annual review factory. American Peregrine Founded in 1949, more than 60 years of history, is a NASDAQ listed company where, is the development, production, sales, service as one of modern foreign-funded enterprises, mainly the production of high quality electronic components.

    The trial plant during PAX Electronic Science and Technology LO Xin good functioning of the quality system are given recognition and support, but also put forward some improvement advice. In the trial plant at the same time, Peregrine Electronic Road Xin Technology on the design and development process, quality improvement and other aspects of the product of in-depth discussion of the future to create more high-quality products provide a broad prospect for the two sides more sincere cooperation and laid a solid foundation.

"Customers are our best teachers", which stands for the road Xin Technology Chairman Mr. Wu Guoping issued. Road Xin people this stands for actual practice, learn, to provide customers with better products and services. Road Xin people will unite for the digital lifestyle era of high-tech and green space under the "road Xin products" put into action