Company Vision
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Company Vision:

To creat the centenary enterprise, to create an international brand "LUXIN".

Business philosophy:

The customer is the first, quality is the root, innovation is the source, the staff is foundation.

Business strategy:

Advanced management concepts, improve the overall quality of the company, from the subtle to proceed, step by step, striving for industry brands.

Operating principles:

◎ We care about the customers, always stand in their position thinking, to understand, anticipate and exceed customer demand.

◎ To pursuit of zero defects products and efficient service, and  take uncompromising attitude about quality issue.

◎ To continuous development, create new value, to create a solid foundation for sustainable development.

◎ We respect our staff is ready to grow together with the staff, allowing employees to make mistakes, but never allow the employee does not progress. Employees create value for business and society but also to achieve a personal value.