In 2008, Lu Xin Group extend into the core area of the Yangtze River Delta economic circle ------ Suzhou City, beginning in the new energy (solar, wind) field force, the establishment of an investment amounting to tens of millions of Suzhou City Tongzhun precision plastic hardware Co.,Ltd:

  The company is equipped with 315 tons bi-axial precision punching, 200 tons high-speed presses, stamping automated production lines, NCT CNC turret punch press, NCT CNC bending machine, NCT riveters, Taiwan's precision automatic lathes, grinders size of the water, go wire EDM and other advanced metal parts, mold processing equipment; products mainly include precision stampings, cabinet member class sheet metal case, precision shrapnel, precision automatic lathes, turning and so on.

  In order to deal with more challenges, in October 2010, the company invested heavily in the purchase of 40 acres of land in the Yingtan City, Jiangxi Province, to build a nearly 100,000 square meters of modern garden plants, build and create in this way advance Xin line "Ring Poyang Lake ecological economic Zone "(Chinese national strategy) bridgehead. Xin career path open to the chariot of the Midwest an economic hot spot.

  Luxin Techonolgy( Dongguan)  Co., Ltd. is a leading high-precision metal parts manufacturing provider. Luxin Technology has the most complete, end-product line integration solutions, through a full range of products and professional services, the flexibility to meet diverse global electronics, computer, power supply, optical fiber communications, watches, and other instrumentation art manufacturer of differentiated needs and rapid innovation pursuit system and terminal products are comprehensive services in Europe, the United States, Japan , China and other high-end market related industries Pride.

  "LUXIN" products, through its end customers around the world to let users fully enjoy digital life and green space under the high-tech era.