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  Luxin Technology is a leading provider of research and manufacture of precision metal. Luxin Technology has metal manufacturing industry's most complete, end-product line integration solutions, through a full range of products and professional services, the flexibility to meet  global electronics, computers, power supplies, fiber optic telecommunications, auto parts, medical equipment,  all areas of new energy, boating and other manufacturers' demand for differentiation and rapid innovation pursuit system and terminal products are comprehensive services in Europe, the United States, Japan , China and other high-level market related industries Pride. "LUXIN" products, through its end customers around the world to let users fully enjoy digital life and green space under the high-tech era.

  Luxin Technology predecessor is  Dongguan Luxin Hardware Co., Ltd., established in 2000. As a professional set of product design, manufacturing, and sales of high-precision parts manufacturing enterprise, now has a number of high-quality research and development, professional management model, as well as good and stable team. The company is equipped with advanced CNC (HAAS) machining centers and CNC (TSUGAMI) CNC lathes, automatic lathes, 300T presses, NCT machine, NCT bending machines and other equipment. Processing a variety of precision metal parts, while the car can also be based on customer requirements, drilling, milling, grinding and other secondary processing and various surface treatment, machine accuracy of ± 0.002mm copper, aluminum, easy to cut iron, stainless steel and other kinds of materials, precision car parts, stamping parts; the entire product chain completely cover AC-DC / DC-DC power supply structure (PIN, Stand off, BUS, Base plate), shaft, heat sink, etc., become the largest and most complete of the Pearl River Delta DC-DC power supply structural parts suppliers, and in 2010 the high precision metal auto parts have also been large-scale produced.

  In 2008, the company extend into the Yangtze River Delta economic circle, and join in the new energy sources (solar, wind) force field structure, investment amounting to tens of millions of Suzhou  Tongzhun Precision Plastic Hardware Co., Ltd. has formally put into production, the company equipped the 16T-300T punch, NCT / CNC cutting bending, laser cutting machine and a full set of mold processing equipment , the main products are high precision sheet metal stamping chassis / lathe turned parts / precision shrapnel and so on.

  For long-term development plan, we have to accelerate the pace of expansion to advance the central region ---- was the chief architect of reform and opening up Comrade Xiaoping praised "a good place " in Yingtan. In order to meet the various needs of different clients, to complete the strategic plan of the national chain base triangle! In 2011 began construction of more than 40 acres of Jiangxi Luxin.

  Company established a strict quality management system, with a roundness (Tokyo Seimitsu), ROHS detector, 2.5D and CMM machine, reflow machine, steam aging test machine, salt spray test machine, the thickness of the device, for roughness , Rockwell hardness, and other sophisticated detection equipment. Since its inception, the company has been in accordance with international standards of quality management system to conduct a comprehensive management and control, in 2008 January 16 formally adopted ISO9001: 2000 quality management system certification; July 20, 2010, the company once again passed the ISO 9001: 2008 quality management system certification and ISO / TS 16949: 2009 automotive quality management system certification, and meet the EU RoHS standards.

  High-level equipment and technology to effectively ensure the accuracy and quality of the product. Factory has now become DELTA, BEL, MURATA, HuAWEI, HRS, WURTH and other large enterprise groups at home and abroad as an important supplier.

  Luxin Technology has been adhering to the "customer is the fist, quality is the root , innovation is the source , the staff is the foundation" purpose, "the fine processing quality continued to improve the delivery of customer satisfaction," for quality, professional and diversified products to meet customer demand. "Humanities Science and harmonious sharing" concept is the way power source Luxin Technology, but also the goal of all our people work for the Luxin !!!

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